Thanh Chắn QUI-KO

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Thanh Chắn QUI-KO Thanh Chắn QUI-KO

Automatic barriers, bollards and parking systems


The QUIKO ICARUS series barrier gate openers are suitable for both residential and intensive use. There are four versions available: two are 24V and two are 230V. QK-I40 and QK-I40B automatic barriers can move rods of max. length 4m with high speed movement; alternatively, QK-I60 and QK-I60B barrier gate operators can move rods of max. length 6m with normal speed movement.

The low voltage versions can work in case of electrical black-out, thanks to the optional backup battery system (QK-BPACK). The materials used for manufacturing the automatic barrier, i.e. iron for the body, aluminium and steel for the gearmotor, guarantee hardiness and reliability of the barrier gate operator for long time.

Simplicity of access to the control board is guaranteed by a practical compartment positioned on top of the barrier.

Thanh Chắn QUI-KO

Thanh Chắn QUI-KO Thanh Chắn QUI-KO

- Thanh chắn xe QUIKO QK-I40 sử dụng cho cơ sở thương mại. Trạm thu phí
- Tần số sử dụng 100%.
- Chiều dài thanh chắn 4m.
- Thời gian mở 8 giây.

0908 788 582